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My Great Surprise

Who doesn't love a surprise? Especially when it's a Flamingo Surprise! Our victim's faces and compliments never cease to amaze and remind us why we love doing what we do.

Explore on to see our satisfied victim's surprise stories, and see firsthand pictures of the elaborate displays of flamingos, teddy bears, storks, cows, wine glasses, dinosaurs, and much, much more!

"Thank you so much for making my sister-n-law's 30th birthday really special. She loved the pigs as did everyone in the neighborhood."
- Sandy

"I ordered the "Princess" display for my daughter today - it's great."
- Jeanne

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU: He awoke this morning and saw that there was stuff in our front yard...being quite anal about his yard he immediately went outside in his pajamas still (ok, boxers & a t-shirt). Just as he was reading the sign himself, a Jr. High student was walking to his bus stop @ the end of our block, stopped to read the sign, looked up at my husband. My husband just replied - "Yes - It's me." He came into the house telling me I've gone over the top this time…

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for helping me make my husband's 30th memorable, and allowing for keeping it an extra day so that everyone would be able to see it at his party the next day!!! My brother is going to put a fog machine in the front yard today so it looks like a real graveyard!!

Ralph is such a FUNNY guy!! I promise to refer anyone I can to you & plan on being a repeat customer myself!!!

Thanks again guys, GREAT JOB!!!
-Julie Korman

The display in Elyria was very colorful with all the different colors of flamingos. It wasnot only very noticable in the neighborhood but also came as a surprise to many that Mary is the big 5 0. Mary was very pleased with the display but at the same time can't seem to get revenge because she hasn't a cluse as to who considered her worthy of the surprise. Thank you for a jbo well done."
- Karen Stevens

Thank you!: Just wanted to tell you that you guys did a terrific job with the display you did for us on Thursday, Oct. 28, on Alsace Ct. in Solon. The neighbors thought it was great. And you did it exactly as my husband had asked...objects were spread out just like he'd asked and the sign was right in the middle. Thank you! One neighbor told us it brought tears to her eyes and she talked about it to everybody for the whole day, which is what we were going for :)
- Pat Porter

Just A Note of Thanks: Last Saturday you delivered the "bingo card" selection to a Chicago address and everything was perfect. Our birthday girl was very much surprised and couldn't believe that no one heard or saw the delivery. She looked outside continuously, and, until 2a.m. she tried watching to see "who" picked up the cards, but, never saw or heard a thing. Thank you very much. We have used your services 3 times now and have always received great compliments! We take them, but, the fine job that you do is the reason why. We do recommend you whenever we can.
- Bill & Suzan King

Happy Housewarming: Thank-You for helping me give my brother-in-law and sister-in-law a unique housewarming present. They were very surprised and excited to pull up in a moving van and see 30 frogs and the WELCOME TO YOUR NEW PAD sign on the lawn of their new house! My sister-in-law called from the their driveway to thank me and told me she cried when she saw the display. It was a real ice breaker for their new neighborhood. Several neighbors stopped by to see the frogs and then introduced themselves. A couple even helped move in some boxes! Your Flamingo Surprise made a very busy and exciting day extra special for them!
- MaryAnne Staszewski

Absolutely Fantastic: My husband loved the flamingos for his 65th birthday. It couldn't have been a better surprise. I loved leaving them up for the two days. My neighbors are calling him the Flamingo Kid.
- Bonnie Zarch

Made My Century: Yesterday was my 50th birthday and like any woman I was depressed beyond belief. At 7:00AM I left for work only to find my front lawn infested with 50 pink flamingos. I was so was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. It really lifted my spirits. I went to work and couldn't stop laughing about it. I finally told my boss I was taking the afternoon off to go home and play with my flamingos. It was just great. I've always told my friends how I'd like a herd of pink plastic flamingos for my backyard. Everyone thought I was nuts, so when the neighbors sent over Flamingo Surprise, it was just perfect. Thanks so really made my century.
- Carol Lewandowski

Flabbergasted Again: This past Friday, I asked Flamingo Surprise to have your prehistoric dinosaurs set up on my mothers lawn for her 70th birthday. She was totally surprised and flabbergasted!!! So was I, and want to thank you for a job well done. AND, this wasn't the first time I've used Flamingo Surprise. It's my fourth time, and every time it's been well appreciated. So just want to say thanks again for everything. I would strongly suggest your company as a complete surprise to ANY occasion.
- Linda H.

Flamingos Just in Time: Thanks for your prompt action on my order of the 20 flamingos in a box. My niece was discharged three days early, so any delay would have ruined the surprise. I am told they are a major attraction.
- bjs

A Very Special Day: I would like to thank your company for a wonderful service. I placed an order for my mother on Mother's Day. It was a great way for my sisters and I to tell my mother and her neighbors how much we love her. Unfortunately, that was her last Mother's Day she passed away from cancer Aug. 5th. We have many pictures of our family and my mother with the yard art. It made the day very special. Thank You.
- Lula Perrella

Grandpa was shocked! Thank you so very much for the pig and the sheep! My grandpa was shocked and surprised and my grandma said the look on his face was classic! He had a great birthday. Thanks again!!!
- Elisa Yanega

Too much fun? I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I think your service is fantastic! I saw your ad in today's Chicago Tribune and I checked out your website. Great idea, wonderful and easy-to-navigate website, and fun, fun product.
- Jodi Talley

A Thankyou!!: I would just like to Thankyou!!! My husband was so surprised! My husband turned forty today and the dinosaurs were perfect!!!!!! Your company was so wonderful to work with. Everyone there seemed so helpful and nice. Thank you Again.
- Cathy Reif

50 dinos and the talk of the neighborhood: Thanks for helping to make my 50th the best. I woke up to the dinos basking in the early morning sunlight and my sister at my front door laughing hysterically. Since she paid for an extra day, there were tons of people who stopped their cars to gawk and enjoy. A dad took his toddler out of the car to play with the creatures, a group of young adults videoed some of them for a bachelorette party, and my family thought it was better than the flamingos I used for my sister's 40th a couple years ago. Thank you also for not having tombstones available! It was a special day and thanks for being a part of it!
- Nancy Hill, Lansing, IL.

Thank you so much.....: I wanted to thank you for the surprise you provided for my husband's birthday. It was the combo mutant frogs/happy faces that was used and the message was "buds-weis-er but Chris Johnson is older he's 40!" displayed on Feb. 11th. He was totally surprised and very pleased. I stopped by and took pictures...Thanks again for making his 40th birthday a very memorable and happy one.
- Nedra Johnson

Thanks: The stork and 15 teddy bears look great in our yard. Thanks, John, for steering us to the stork page. We are very pleased.
- Robert Tucker, Evanston, IL

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